​ 3.11.2012 “We Can Get To Central Park”

Thoth organizes all morning. LA is up at 2. “There’s a little gift for you,” Thoth says. LA gets up and looks on her computer. Thoth has made a little kitty and puppy icon for her hard drive. LA giggles with delight. After a shower, they have noodles for lunch and LA continues reading The Long Walk. Thoth watches tennis. At night, they go for a walk. “I don’t feel so scared anymore,” LA says, “since everything’s so fucked up.” They walk back to the grocery but it’s closed. They walk to a Middle Eastern Supermarket but can’t find the yogurt LA likes. They buy a few things. “I want yogurt,” LA insists. They get a new brand at the Bio Markt and walk home. LA talks to her sister on Skype and looks at the NYC subway map. “Service has been restored to the 4, 5 and 6 trains!” LA cheers. “We can get to Central Park!” LA and Thoth make dinner. “I can’t eat the stew anymore,” LA says. LA stays up reading. Bibi says: “I’m scared.”