1.1.2013 “A Fantasy Story”

Thoth bikes to meet Kahlil at Mama’s Royal Cafe at 9am. It doesn’t open till 10am, so they go to Peet’s Coffee. Talk about Khalil’s dissertation. LA gets herself up around 10. She goes next door for bagels and Kombucha. Makes breakfast at home. Thoth and Khalil return to Mama’s Royal Cafe to continue their discussion over bowls of granola. LA finishes reading Proof Of Heaven and begins working on a fantasy story. Thoth returns home at 12. Nancee, LA and Thoth decide to have their farewell dinner at A Côté. Nancee makes reservations. Thoth gets a call from Amaro who wants them to come to SF, have dinner, and talk about a recording project he wants LA and Thoth to be involved in. After talking with LA, Thoth decides to stay home. Nancee leaves. Jamie calls then comes over. LA and Jamie go for a bike ride and stop to have a snack at Jack in the Box. They use Jamie’s GPS to get home. Thoth takes a short walk up the hill. He comes home and plays the violin. LA sings with him a little, and Jamie does a mock trumpet solo. LA and Jamie walk next door to buy pasta and garlic. It’s closed so they drive to Safeway. Buy things, then go home. Thoth begins cooking dinner. Nancee comes home and they all eat dinner in the living room together. “I feel sick,” Jamie says and lies down on the couch. While Nancee and Thoth talk, LA cleans the dishes. Nancee, LA and Thoth discuss ideas for shows at ArtLab, about bringing musician friends there. Nancee plays Mariee SIoux’s CD for Thoth and LA. Nancee goes to bed, and Jamie goes home. LA picks photos for a Tribal Baroque calendar. Bibi says: “”Early cozies.”