17.1.2013 “Recorder”

Thoth talks to Michael C. on the phone. LA gets up. Thoth forwards a new email to her from a woman named Bunny with some music attached which she wants them to sing. LA listens to it and reads the score. “It’s kind of exciting,” LA says. “I’ve never done anything like it before.” Thoth listens to it briefly. “I hate it!” He takes a shower. LA and Thoth bike to the park. Sitting on a bench, a man is playing alto recorder accompanying a recording of “Stars and Stripes” on a a boom box. LA and Thoth sit and wait for him to finish. “No one is around,” Thoth observes. “The pianist isn’t on the bridge either.” The recorder player stops and leaves. LA and Thoth decide to set up anyway. “It’s better to play than not,” LA says. Very few people gather. After playing their regular four pieces, the Dynamic Duo improvises four more and packs up. They sit and talk before biking home. “The bike ride home is harder because it’s all uphill,” LA says. They stop at Sally’s Beauty Supply. LA buys pink, yellow and blue hair colors.Thoth buys a hair clipper. They stop at Vons for groceries. The counterperson at the deli gives them a huge chicken tender to try. LA and Thoth bike home with their groceries. Jim is working on his recent painting out back. LA and Thoth take off their costumes and have a snack. Thoth cooks fresh linguine and garlic. After dinner, LA dyes her bangs pink, orange and yellow. She washes it out after an hour but the colors aren’t bright enough. She redoes it and puts on a cap to sleep in. Bibi says: “A nightmare slithering on the corner of the sheet. Watch out!”