7.2.2013 “A New Sketch”

Thoth makes coffee then begins working on Tribal Baroque’s EPK. LA sleeps until 12. “Late,” Thoth says then snuggles with her. She gets up and makes smoothies. Talks to her sister, Jamie, on Skype. Thoth takes a shower then returns to designing the EPK. LA goes to work out in the back. Afterwards, she starts drawing a new sketch. “I’m glad you’re drawing again,” Thoth says. “We’ve both been in a creative lull until recently. I’m glad we’re out of it.” They take a break and eat bagels. Julian comes home. Thoth goes to the back studio to play music. Nina visits and Thoth returns. For his birthday dinner, Julian wants to go out to dinner. Jim makes reservations at the Farm House, a French restaurant, but Julian chooses to go to the Smoking Goat. LA decides she doesn’t want to go there. “Too expensive!” she says. She and Thoth bike to Jyoti Behanga. “So do you only play at Balboa Park on the weekends?” the waiter asks. “Do you know us?” LA asks. “I’ve seen you guys a few times,” he says. The waiter asks them many questions. When three neighboring women get up to leave, one of them turns to LA and Thoth and says, “I saw your videos online. You’re amazing.” After dinner, LA and Thoth race each other home. LA starts a new drawing and Thoth continues working on the EPK. “It was great!” everyone says upon returning from dinner. Bibi says: “Bounce bounce bounce! I’m like the hulk.”