9.2.2013 “Most Annoying”

Thoth works on the EPK. “It’s not very nice out,” he tells LA when she wakes. “Looks like it’s going to rain.” She gets up and dresses. “I always show you my artwork when I finish,” LA says, “But you never talk much about what you’re doing.” She works on her drawing while Thoth dresses. He and LA bike to the park. The park is cold and empty. “Bad for a Saturday!” LA observes. She and Thoth set up. One of their fans shows up to see them. He talks to LA while Thoth sets up the camera. The Dynamic Duo plays three songs. “I feel great,” Thoth says. Before starting the “Gypsy Dance” Thoth sets up the video camera. A security guard from the Theatre walks past LA up to Thoth and tells him to move somewhere else, “You’re disrupting the performance,” he mumbles. Thoth listens without speaking then he tells LA. She sits down and puts her hands over her face. “Well I was having a good day until now,” Thoth snarls. “I get the feeling that Are we are the most annoying performance group that people have ever encountered.” Thoth walks over to the theatre to see what time the dance show finishes. “It started at 3,” Thoth says. “Just when we start. What right does she . . . Does anyone have to tell us to stop?” “Why don’t we come earlier tomorrow,” LA suggests. “Good thinking, Young Lady,“ Thoth says. “Don’t be discouraged,” their fan, Forrest says. “What you’re doing for