1.12.2012 “Dance Down St. Mark’s Place”

Thoth goes to Bean and gets coffee, a lemon poppyseed muffin, and a bagel with cream cheese for LA. He sits in the corner and does his internet chores. Back home, he writes and drinks coffee. LA wakes up at 11. She gets dressed and sits down to eat her bagel. She unwraps it. “No cream cheese!” Thoth says. “I asked them to put cream cheese on it.” “I can go downstairs and get some,” LA says. She puts on a scarf and goes downstairs to the Odessa Diner. “Can I have a little tub of cream cheese please?” LA asks. The waiter puts some cream cheese, a knife, and a napkin into a bag. LA takes out money. “Just take it, don’t worry,” the waiter says. LA goes back upstairs and eats half the bagel. Thoth takes a shower. LA puts on her headdress and makeup. Thoth wraps the battery powered lights around his waist as a belt. LA puts some around her headdress. The train is late, and when they arrive at the tunnel, no one is there, except Paul. The Afrobats are just finishing a show. They leave through the tunnel and one of their apprentices who carries the boom box smiles at LA. “That’s funny,“ LA comments. She and Thoth set up. LA goes to the Loeb Boathouse to use the bathroom. Carlos shows up with a gift for Thoth and LA — a crystal cube etched with a hologram of one of his photographs of LA and Thoth. LA puts it in the focal center in place of the candle. The