1.2.2013 “Angels Singing”

Thoth makes coffee then works on Maya. LA gets up. “Anymore donations?” LA asks. “No.” Thoth says. They dress and go to the park. Arrive at 2:30. Thoth videotapes “Anya.” “If we record an ‘Anya’ everyday, it would be a good addition to our blog,” Thoth says. The Dynamic Duo gathers a good crowd and plays six songs. “Let’s harmonize more,” LA says. “We do,” Thoth says. “In our high voices,” LA says. After the “Plucking Song” someone says: “Beautiful. I’ve never heard anything like it. It was like angels singing.” Thoth does a solo then the Dynamic Duo finishes with the “C-minor.” They pack up and bike home. The driver of car waves Thoth down. “Pull over!” he says. It’s a friend of Thoth’s named Magnum. They chat and LA gives Magnum the dates of their next show. She and Thoth stop at Sprouts for chicken and salmon. Then Thoth gets a bottle of wine at Vons.  He and LA see Andrea and say hello. “You guys get me every time,” Andrea says. At home, LA counts the money and Thoth helps her make salmon for dinner. “Can Nina have some?” Julian asks. “Sure.” LA says. She makes a plate for Nina and they eat together. LA and Thoth clean up and get on computers. Thoth trims the video of “Anya” while LA listens to music. “We got more donations,” Thoth tells LA. “We are almost whole again.” Julian and Nina come in and eat some of the chicken. “Wash the dishes,” Thoth tells Julian. They don’t. LA watches creepy claymations of horror movies and “Hey Jude.” Bibi says: “No sleep, not a peep.”