1.3.2013 “Poisoned”

Thoth is  awakened by a roiling and painful stomach. Feeling faint and weak, he wanders back and forth to the bathroom eventually passing out in the couch. LA wakes wondering what’s wrong? “I’m sick,” Thoth says. “That leftover salmon skin I ate yesterday must have been poisoned with bacteria.” “DId you throw up?” LA asks. “No, but I’m close.” He moans. LA gets dressed and Thoth gets back into bed. LA bikes to the store and buys rolls, tuna fish and salmon. She spends the day surfing the web. Thoth remains in bed sleeping and resting. They get dressed at 6 and bike to Art Lab. Fifteen people are at the show. “More people come when the show is free,” LA says. “Yeah, I don’t like charging admission,” Thoth says. “I’m not sure why people are unwilling to spend money on our shows.” The Dynamic Duo perform with vigorous energy despite the low attendance. Thoth does Caguma to challenge himself. “I can’t believe you did Caguma,” LA remarks. “If I intend to do a Death Dance, then how can I let any non-fatal pain stop me.” With the Mozart Requiem playing, LA and Thoth talk with fans and pack up. They bike home. LA poaches the salmon and makes rice. Thoth makes “Thoth’s Blood” and has plain rice for a late supper. Jim goes to pick up a friend at the airport. LA surfs the net and Thoth works on the EPK. Bibi says: “Still queasy. Sleep’s not easy.”