1.4.2013 “Frustrated”

Thoth goes out early to Rite Aid for cough suppressant and cough drops for LA. He hears her coughing in her sleep all morning. LA gets up and reminds Thoth that she needs pads and tampons. Thoth goes back to Rite Aid. He and LA spend the day inside. Thoth writes and organizes the sketches of his novel. LA works on the computer. LA talks to her sister on Skype. In the evening, they go  to B.J.’s in Chula Vista for dinner. Thoth is frustrated with Jamie. “It is difficult listening to a delusional person lecture others about stuff she has no idea about.” He and LA have Caesar salad, calamari, and macaroni and cheese. LA talks about how frustrated she is about finding housing in NYC. At home, she still hasn’t gotten a response from Rachel, the girl in NYC whose room LA and Thoth want to rent. LA watches The Stand while Thoth writes. Bibi says: “Poor LA!”