1.4.2013 “Redefining Buskers As Vendors”

Thoth makes coffee then watches tennis from Portugal. LA gets up. “Early again,” Thoth comments. “My tooth is bothering me,” she says while sitting at her computer. ”Where is the tree oil?” Thoth gets it for her and she applies it to the painful tooth. “I definitely have a cavity,” she says. She calls Jim’s dentist. They suggest that if she is going to New York for a while, it might be better to the get work done there. LA calls Thoth’s dentist in New York and makes an appointment for both of them. On Facebook, LA finds a post from The Busking Project about the new rules redefining buskers as vendors in New York City. LA researches a lot of articles and finds the official rules. “If these rules are enforced, they will definitely apply to us,” she tells Thoth. They discuss their predicament at length while getting ready to prayform. Thoth rants: “It’s unfathomable to me that the city will spend thousands of dollars a day to stop free entertainment when they haven’t even ended crime in the parks and city. Why can’t they spend that money stopping evil things rather than good things?” LA and Thoth head to the park.  “Maybe we shouldn’t go to New York,” Thoth says while pedaling. “We will lose all the money we spent for the room,” LA states. “Yes, and the flight too,” Thoth rejoins. “But we could also lose all our money if we go to New York and can’t play,” LA says. “What if you call Douglas B. and ask him to tell us if we can perform in the park.” “I don’t think that will accomplish anything,” Thoth says. “Maybe he’ll tell you something helpful,” LA says. They bike past an elementary school. “Where would we live if we stayed here?” Thoth wonders. “I don’t want to stay here anymore,” LA moans. “I want to commit suicide.” At the park, a saxophonist is playing on the Prado and Sleeveless is about to perform as well. Thoth goes over and talks to Sleeveless. “I just got here,” Sleeveless says then talks about the new rules in NYC.  “We can’t play up front today,” Thoth says going back to LA. “My tooth hurts!” LA cries. “It feels like we can’t do this anymore, If rules keep being made to stop us, we won’t have anywhere to prayform.” They go to their spot on the patio in the back and set up. “This isn’t going to help anything” LA says. “Yes it will,” Thoth encourages. “It’s always good to play.” After “Anya,” a group of women come forward and all three buy CDs. They compliment the Dynamic Duo and ask questions. “Are you married?” an English woman asks. “No, but we are,” LA says.  “We’re soul mates.”  “Oh yes, it definitely shows,” the woman says. After LA’s Waltz, LA asks: “Did you hear me sing ‘Bunny I love you?’” “I didn’t hear ‘Bunny’ but I heard ‘I love you,’” Thoth says. “I made you smile,” LA says. “Yeah, I didn’t know what you were up to,” Thoth says.  After “The Plucking Song 2” he and LA pack up. “We need to go to NYC,“ Thoth states. “We are some of the best public performance artists. They need us. If we stay here we will rue it.“ “I’m sacred!” LA says. “So am I,” Thoth says. They stop at Sprouts for salmon, roast chicken, and codfish. At home, they have snacks and work on their computers. Thoth sautés salmon for LA. “I have a tummy ache!” LA whines. “I don’t want to eat.” Thoth dozes on the couch while trying to work. Bibi says: “Hug me! Scary times again!”