1.6.2013 “First Truly Appreciative Applause”

Thoth makes coffee and works on Premiere Pro while watching tennis from the French Open. LA gets up early and spends three hours doing her makeup and hair. Thoth showers while LA blends the smoothies. When ready, they take the train to 72nd street and walk into Central Park. Very hot!The Boyd Choir is singing. LA and Thoth sit in the wings and wait for them to finish. LA takes her top off while they wait. People stare at her and take pictures. “The only way girls will start going topless is when people stop making such a big deal about it,” LA says. LA and Thoth set up at 3pm. They get their first truly appreciative applause after “Romanza.” “Finally!” Thoth murmurs. “During our travels no people applaud worse than New Yorkers. It must be their cynicism.” The Afrobats do one show at the bottom of the stairs just as the Dynamic Duo finish. A violinist and guitarist show up and ask if LA and Thoth if they can play. LA and Thoth pull their things to the side and sit for a while listening to them. “They’re very good,“ LA says. “But few people are paying any attention to them.” They walk to the Dance Skate area. Many people say hello to Thoth. He introduces LA to all of them. “Will you dance with me?” LA says. “I’m too tired.” Thoth says. They walk to West 69th street and sit on a bench to rest. LA lays her head on Thoth’s lap and takes her top off. “This is very cozy,” Thoth says. After sitting on the bench for a while, they take the subway home. LA goes back out to the grocery store to buy things for dinner. After eating, Thoth passes out. LA works on the computer. Bibi says: “Fur sweating.”