1.8.2013 “A Chance To Hear Yourself”

Thoth writes while rain splatters the window. He wakes LA. They get dressed and head to Central Park. Rain is light but steady. In the Angel Tunnel, a group of children are playing games in the wings. LA and Thoth set up slowly, waiting for the kids to quiet down. LA puts her hair up in the bathroom. When the children eat lunch, the Dynamic Duo begins the prayformance. The children listen quietly. After “Romanza,” the children come over and try to read their sign. They ask LA and Thoth questions about what they are doing and clap for them. The children leave and the Dynamic Duo plays the “LA’s Waltz.” “I don’t have any energy when no one is watching,” LA says when they finish. “It’s beautiful today,” Thoth remarks. “So quiet! Rarely do you get a chance to hear yourself so well in here.” She sits down and Thoth kneels and plays a long solo, seguing from one mood to another. LA sings with him at the end. “Do you dance with him?” a woman asks. “Yes, I’m just taking a break,” LA says. She and Thoth play the “Plucking Song.” Lily and her friend sit down and listen. The Dynamic Duo finish with “Heaven Scent” then pack up. Kishan shows up on a bicycle and sits with everyone chatting. LA and Thoth walk back to the subway and head home. They stop at the grocery store before going home. Thoth makes dinner and LA watches “Bicentennial Man.” She talks to her sister on Skype and looks at pictures of hair color. Thoth takes a nap then works on an illustration. Bibi says: “Here I am. Over here!”