10.1.2013 “Potluck”

LA and Thoth spend the day indoors. Thoth organizes all his stuff. At night, He and LA get dressed and bike to Discount Fabrics in the cold wind. They play three songs. The drunk man who was at their show on Friday night stops by with a friend. “I love you guys,” he says. The Dutch man who bought a CD yesterday stops by too. LA and Thoth bike to the potluck on Menlo Avenue. Kaya, the girl who invited them, opens the garage for their bikes. LA has some vegetarian sushi and carrot ginger soup while Thoth sits on the couch. “I’m tired,” he says. LA and Thoth talk with people then LA asks Kaya when they can perform. People make space for them to perform. LA and Thoth take out their violins and play two songs. During “Gypsy Dance” people clap with them. Kaya passes the hat, then the poetry reading begins. LA and Thoth stay for a little bit. Just before leaving, they read their six word poems. They get their bikes out of the garage and ride home a different way, stopping at Vons along the way. Thoth heats up the leftover pasta. LA has yogurt and cinnamon toast. LA looks up scary things on the internet. Thoth watches tennis. Bibi says: “A better mood keeps the covers still.”