10.3.2013 “Laryngitis”

Thoth drinks coffee and writes. LA wakes still feeling hoarse. She and Thoth get dressed. They drive Jim’s car to the park and find a spot closer than yesterday. “There’s Sleeveless,” Thoth says. “I didn’t know he came so late.”  Thoth realizes that they forgot water so they stop in the science museum to buy some. While waiting outside, LA is photographed by 2 men. “What do you do?” one asks her in a thick Persian accent. “Me and my partner sing, dance and play violin,” LA says. “Is your partner a boy or a girl?” he asks. “A man,” LA responds. Thoth comes out. “There’s your partner, I guess,” the men say. LA and Thoth head to their spot. They walk past Mitchell and stomp their bells. Mitchell sings “LA” and “Thoth” into his didgeridoo and waves. LA and Thoth go to the patio and set up. The Dynamic Duo sing “Anya.” LA isn’t able to phonate the first note. “I can’t sing,” LA frowns after finishing. “I heard you singing,” Thoth says. “I can’t,” LA says. “I’m just pushing it out.” She stops after the “Plucking Song,” sits down, and cries. Thoth plays several pieces by himself. He and LA pack up and head towards the car with Mel accompanying them. Rebecca approaches them to say hello. “I have laryngitis,” LA moans. Mel stays with Rebecca to have her face painted. LA and Thoth walk to the car and drive to Senior Mangos for smoothies. Instead of talking, LA writes on a notepad.  At home, she and Thoth count money. Thoth and Julian watch tennis. Jim joins them. LA silently laughs. “The boys are watching sports,” Thoth announces. Thoth and LA eat leftovers. Bibi says: “A pad is a pad is a pad.”