10.4.2013 “Drop Off”

Thoth writes and studies. LA wakes and Thoth snuggles with her. LA wakes Jamie with a snuggle. LA makes smoothies for Thoth and Jamie. Mike calls, and Thoth drives with Jim to Art Lab. He borrows the car to drive to the airport. He picks Mike up and takes him back to Art Lab. Jim drives them back to the house. LA makes a smoothie for Mike. LA’s dad, Brendan, calls saying he’s here and comes over. He uploads ProTools onto Thoth’s computer. Brendan drives Mike, Thoth, LA and Jamie to the park. The park is empty. Brendan sets up a tape recorder to record the prayformance. Beautiful day, very sunny. Chet comes over to sit and watch. Mike sets up his drums in the center. The Dynamic Duo plays a short set, then they try the 5 rhythm with Mike. Mike and Thoth play a short improv while packing up. LA and Jamie dance. Brendan goes to get the car and drives everyone back to the house. They drop off the instruments. They all go out to dinner at Antique Diner. LA has a chicken sandwich and Thoth, a ground steak. Brendan drops everyone at home. Thoth shows Mike to the studio overlooking the canyon where he’ll sleep. LA and Jamie watch videos on Youtube. Mike checks emails on LA’s computer. Mike retires to the studio. Thoth passes out on the couch. LA and Jamie take a shower. Bibi says: “Watch out! A nightmare behind you.”