10.6.2013 “People Don’t Hear Our Music”

LA and Thoth get dressed and take the train to 34th street. Hard rain. They get some sandwiches and go in to the movie theatre to see Into Darkness. The volume is so high that they leave within a few minutes. “The movie is way too loud,” LA tells the manager. “Can we get our money back?” “Of course!” she says. She calls the projectionist and asks if they can turn it down. “They can’t turn it down,” she tells LA and Thoth. “IMAX has it pre-programmed to be that volume.” As LA and Thoth are about to leave the lobby, a deluge begins. They wait till it stops. “I can’t believe how loud that was,” LA says. “I felt attacked like at Burning Man.” “Yeah,” Thoth says. “No one else seemed bothered though This could explain why people don’t hear our music. They can’t hear. Their ears are being pummeled by all the high volumes of IMAX and their head phones and earbuds.” The rain lets up, and LA and Thoth run into the subway. They take the E train to Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. They walk to an Indian store and look around. Thoth gets 50 brass ankle bells, then he and LA select two singing bells, a string bell, an incense holder, and a large pack of Nag Champa incense. Next, they take the train to 72nd Street and get frozen fruit for smoothies from Trader Joe’s. Then they take the train to 110th street. They stop at the Vietnamese Sandwich Shop for slushies. Carry their heavy bags 3 blocks back home in pouring rain. At home, Thoth sits next to LA and restrings the new bells while LA talks to her sister on Skype. Later, they walk through the rain to Toast. LA has calamari and Thoth, a duck confit. On the walk home, Thoth behaves very silly. LA chases him around while he makes odd sounds. At home they get cozy and work on various projects. Bibi says: “The gang’s all here. Nothing to fear.”