10.8.2013 “Cacophony”

Thoth works on Maya. He wakes LA. After getting dressed, they put on makeup. She and Thoth take the bus to 72nd Street. “I like the bus,” says LA. “It’s easier than the train.” They walk through Strawberry Fields. “It feels drier today,” LA says. A group of hand drummers are performing on the skylight medallion right above the tunnel. “Maybe they’ll protect us today,” Thoth says. In the tunnel, the Boyd Choir stops singing because the drums are too loud. “It’s hard on our voices,” John explains to Thoth. A breakdancing group sets up and starts to perform with a djembe player. “Should we move to the back?” asks LA. “Not yet, Thoth says.” “Let’s sing ‘Anya’ first, then decide.” The Dynamic Duo sings “Anya” over the drums and breakdancers. The Afrobats show up and replace the other breakdancers. “It’s a cacophony!” Thoth exclaims. He and LA move to the back. Huge crowds gather and clog up the tunnel. “People don’t tip in the back,” LA says. “And it’s harder to move.” After “Sea Expressions,” she and Thoth hear the Afrobats performing at the top of the stairs. “I wonder if the drum circle was too much for them,” Thoth says. “Let’s move back to the front.” They quickly carry their stuff to the front. “The drummers are alright,” LA says. “We can sing over them. But the boom box and the drum circle together are horrible.” “I think the Afrobats