11.1.2013 “Random Noises”

Thoth cleans the kitchen in the morning. “It’s almost time for the show,” Thoth teases when LA awakes. “I slept later on purpose,” she says. She does laundry and bikes to Vons to get groceries. Thoth sees that LA’s mother is calling and tells LA when she gets back. LA calls her mother back. “I want to come visit you,” her mother says. They have a long talk about her drinking and why LA is uncomfortable seeing her. Jim comes home and makes lunch. LA calls her sister, but she is uninterested in coming down to see their mom. LA calls her mother back and tells her. “Well, I’m coming anyway,” her Mother says. LA finds a hotel nearby for her. LA’s mother makes a reservation to come during LA’s birthday. LA makes bagels and smoothies for lunch. Jim goes back to work. Thoth sautés salmon to eat later after the showt. They relax until it is time to get dressed. He and LA bike to Art Lab. LA and Thoth lock up their bikes and put the violins in Art Lab. The Hausmann Quartet is tuning up. They go around to the front to watch. LA goes inside. A homeless man with TSA is sitting close to her and making random noises, scaring LA. The soprano, Ann Moss, who is performing with Hausmann Quartet talks at length about the songs she is about to sing. LA leaves. “She’s talking too much,” LA says. “Let’s go listen from the back,” Thoth says. After intermission, the