11.2.2013 “Busker Festivals”

Thoth gets an irritating email from his mother and starts drafting a reply. “I’m in a bad mood!“ Thoth tells LA when she wakes. “Mom wrote another confusing email out of the blue. Also, I didn’t sleep well. Feels like I have a knife in my shoulder.” LA gets up and reads the email. “Weird!” LA says. She goes out back and works out. Thoth writes. She makes smoothies and looks for a picture to draw. Thoth puts the marinated pork shoulder into the oven. He and LA get dressed and bike to Ego ID. They lock up bikes and borrow Jim’s car. They drive to Chula Vista and discuss their plans after they leave San Diego. “We could go to NYC for a month, then Lisbon, then back to NYC in the fall,” LA suggests. “NYC is not so nice in May,” Thoth rejoins. “Lisbon would be fun but can we still play in our favorite pitch. Early Fall is hurricane season in NYC.” What about busker festivals?“ LA asks. “Let’s check them out,” Thoth says. “Some of them will fly us there,” LA says. “That’s a good way to travel.” She and Thoth have sushi at Sushi Loco. After eating, they drive to CVS for things. “My throat is irritated,” LA says. “I want to go home.”They drive home, return Jim’s keys, and bike home. While looking for a picture to draw, LA discovers a video game based on Phantom of the Opera. She tries drawing while listening to music but erases it. Thoth gets more tutorials on making 3D art. Bibi says: “Thump thump thump!”