11.4.2013 “Heaven Scent”

Thoth works on the CD cover. He wakes LA. “You have 15 minutes,” he says. LA’s dad, Brendan arrives 10 minutes early. LA does a nasal cleanse while Thoth and Michael pack the car. Brendan drives them all to the recording studio. Two assistants are setting up the room. Brendan steps in toorganize the mic setup. LA and Thoth play Mario Bros until Brendan is ready to test people on the mics. The Dynamic Duo and Mike start with “Anya.” LA’s headphones slip off. “That felt slow,” LA says. “Let’s keep going,” Thoth says. They play two more pieces and an improvisation with Mike, then go listen. LA starts dancing. “It’s great!” LA says. “I can add some bass and maybe some other things when I get home,” Brendan suggests. “That’s a great idea, Dad!” LA says. They take a break. Thoth plays Mario Bros while LA, Jamie and Mike walk over to Jersey Mike’s to get sandwiches. “I’m gonna wait until we finish,” LA says.  “I’m going to take a walk to REI, so you guys can do your pieces,” Mike says. LA and Thoth lay down the A-major piece which they are calling “Heaven Scent,” a macabre waltz, and an improvisation. They listen. “I really like the A major song,” Jamie volunteers. “It sound like a song from a movie.” “I want to do the waltz again,” LA says. “We’ll do it with Mike,” Thoth says. “So you don’t have to worry about holding it.” “The improv feels redundant,” LA says. “It’s like the A major .” Mike comes back and he and the Dynamic Duo play the waltz, then the c-minor. LA punches some vocals in at the end of one of the earlier pieces.