11.5.2013 “Deluges The Patio”

Thoth makes coffee and works on his novel. Watches tennis from Madrid. “My throat doesn’t hurt anymore,” LA says when she gets up. Thoth is quiet. “What’s wrong?” LA asks Thoth. “”Are you upset with me?” “In a way, yes,” Thoth says. “You said some things yesterday that were unsupportive. Now I feel really alone and scared.” “I don’t feel well,” LA says. “It’s hard for me to be positive when I don’t feel well.” “I know you’re sad because you can’t play,” Thoth says. ”But it’s your choice. In team sports when one of the players can’t play and his team is losing. It is not helpful for him to be sitting on the bench demoralizing the team by being negative.” Thoth takes a shower. LA puts on makeup. He gets dressed. “I’m going to bring my violin,” LA says. “We forgot water,” LA says when they head out the door. “We don’t have CDs either,” Thoth adds. “I’ll get them,” LA says. She goes back into the apartment, makes CDs and fills the bottles with water. Thoth waits on the stair landing. On the way to the subway they stop for a candle. They take the train to 72nd Street and walk into the park. Cloudy and breezy. Paul is in the tunnel. “How are you feeling’?” Paul asks LA. “Not well,” LA says. “I couldn’t sing yesterday.” “Are you going to sing today?” Paul inquires. “Probably not,” LA states. Thoth picks up trash in the tunnel while LA and Paul talk about the Boyds. The Boyds finish 10 minutes to 3pm. LA and Thoth pull their cases into