11.6.2013 “Movies”

LA and Thoth get sandwiches at the corner deli. They walk to the waterfall and ravine in Central Park. Eat their lunch. “I’m just not liking this sandwich,” Thoth says. “Something tastes stale.” “Me neither,” LA says. Rain begins. They run into the tunnel. “We could have sung here on Sunday,” Thoth says. The rain stops and they walk back to 108th street. LA calls and talks to her sister. She and Thoth take the subway down to 34th Street. Thoth buys some sandals at Payless; LA buys some multi colored bobby pins. They take the train home. “Pain tires you out,” Thoth says and lies down. Both watch movies and order food delivery from the Vietnamese. LA watches Quarantine, The Day After Tomorrow, and half of The Exorcist. Thoth watches the Chronicles of Riddick. Bibi says: “Unkie and I like movie night. Elly hid under the pillow.”