12.1.2013 “Cute”

Thoth wakes, makes coffee, and writes. LA gets up and begins dressing to go perform. She prepares smoothies. After drinking his, Thoth showers and dresses. They start riding their bikes to Balboa Park. LA takes off her jacket because she is too hot. “My thighs hurt,” she says and they stop. She hides behind a bush to put on a pad. “I think I’m getting my period,” she says. She and Thoth arrive at the park around 2:30pm. They sit in the back and relax before getting ready. LA puts on her headdress in the bathroom. “I’m not feeling so well,” Thoth says when she gets back. They place their cases in front of them and begin “Anya.” Kids from the youth symphony stop by to watch. After “Romanza” and “LA’s Waltz” a little boy asks how much a CD is. The boy goes away and the Dynamic Duo begins the “Plucking Song.” The boy comes back with $5 more. LA nods okay for him to take a CD. When the audience leaves, the Dynamic Duo packs up. “How was Portugal?” a man and his wife ask. “We’ve been following you ever since we saw you last time.” They have a baby in a stroller with them. “She wasn’t here yet when we last saw you,” the man adds. LA and Thoth bike towards home. LA has to stop and take off her jacket. Thoth sees a “For Rent” sign. “One bedroom, $690,” the sign says. LA gets the number and calls. “We’re standing outside and want to see the apartment,”LA says. “Go in,” the man says. LA and Thoth lock up their bikes and go inside. “It’s so