12.2.2013 “Bleach”

Thoth works on the EPK. LA gets up and begins to dress. “My throat is still irritated,” she says. She does a nasal cleanse and gargles. She and Thoth bike to the park. Still chilly. The Dynamic Duo sets up and plays their simple set. “We’re creating a lot of new melodies today,” LA says. They pack up and bike back home. Stop at Sally’s where LA gets bleach and white toner. They stop at Senior Mangos for a smoothie and an Escamocha, then go home. LA looks up hair extensions and measures her hair with a tape measure. “My hair is four inches,” LA explains. “It’s taken eight months for it to grow that long. It will take three years and three months for it to grow 20 inches.” She looks up pictures of long hair while Thoth works on the EPK. They have pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. LA watches Poseidon. Bibi says: “Rolly polly cushion and mushin’.”