12.3.2013 “Unhappiness”

Thoth goes to the store to get food and supplies. LA wakes and gargles, does nasal cleanses, and rests. LA mimes her unhappiness. “Keep a positive attitude,” Thoth advises. “You can sing. You just need to heal.” He works on the EPK while watching tennis. “I’m really frustrated with this,” he says. “I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it.” He begins working on some more spirit catchers, but he can’t find the drill to finish them. LA watches videos of a violinist who dances. “Why do you watch that if it’s going to discourage you?” Thoth wonders. They make salmon wraps for dinner. Thoth’s shoulder is hurting. LA and Thoth sit outside in the hot bath overlooking the canyon.“Soothing!” Thoth says. Bibi says: “Lavender scent under covers rests.”