12.4.2013 “Mics”

Thoth works on the CD cover and drinks coffee. Mike uses Jim’s bike to go to the beach. LA wakes and Jamie gets into bed with her. They sleep for a few more hours. When they wake up again, Thoth says: “do you want pancakes?“ He goes to Vons and buys milk and eggs. He makes pancakes and bacon for LA and Jamie. Mike comes home. LA’s father, Brendan, comes over and hangs out with them, then he goes to Art Lab with Thoth’s computer to set up the mics for the show later. “Your father has no idea how hard it is for me to let someone use my computer, Thoth tells LA. Thoth sautes the salmon for a late night dinner. LA, Mike and Thoth get dressed. Brendan picks them up and drives them to Art Lab for a quick mic check. ”Do we have to stay still?” LA says. “We like to dance when I play.” “You’ll need to play into the mics if you want a good recording,” her father says. After they finish, Brendan brings them all back home. Jim drives Jamie to Art Lab. LA, Mike and Thoth hang out at home until 7:20, then Brendan drives them back to Art Lab. They chill in the dressing room listening to Dead Can Dance while people arrive. The Dynamic Duo and Mike perform with abandon and lots of energy. The audience is captivated by the prayformance. Some people hang out afterwards, and have posters signed and buy CDs. Chuck gives Thoth a T-shirt. Brendan packs up and talks with Tony. Jamie asks Mike to play some more, which he does. LA packs up the violins while Thoth chats with several fans. After saving the session on his hard drive, Brendan gives the computer back to Thoth. He goes back to the hotel, and Jim drives LA, Jamie, Mike and Thoth back home. They all have salmon sandwiches, then Mike hugs everyone goodbye and goes to the studio. LA and Jamie take a shower, then Jamie and Jim go to the back and take an outdoor bath together. Thoth cleans the dishes then takes a shower. Bibi says: “You did it!!”