12.5.2013 “The Different Sides”

Thoth watches the finals of the Madrid tennis tournament. LA wakes feeling better. Thoth makes smoothies. They get dressed and head to Central Park. The park is swarming with people for Japan Day. In the tunnel, Vasily is setting up to play while the Boyd choir is counting money in the wings. The Afrobats are performing outside at the bottom of the stairs. Thoth goes over to say hello to John B. Vasily only plays a little bit then tells Thoth it is too noisy. Two women from Israel approach Thoth and say: “We saw you on Israeli TV. Are you playing soon?” “We’ll be starting at 3,” Thoth says. “We’ll take a walk and come back,” the women say. LA and Thoth bring their things to the center. John the violist shows up and asks if he can play till they start.. LA and Thoth drag their violin cases back into the wings to get ready while John the violist plays. “Watch out for him,” John B. advises. “He took money out of our box today.” When John the violist finishes, he says, “John B. made $300 at least while I played with him and he only gave me $40.” “Funny to get the different sides,” Thoth tells LA. LA and Thoth set up in the center and get ready to perform. The Israeli women come back and wait for the Dynamic Duo to start. After “Anya” LA says: “I can barely sing.” “There’s a lot of dust and pollen in the air,” Thoth says. Both LA and Thoth have a coughing attack during “LA’s Waltz.” The Dynamic Duo plays the “Gypsy Dance,” then Thoth plays two solos while LA dances. “We’ve accomplished what we needed to,” Thoth says putting things away. Four