12.6.2013 “Lots Of Bells”

Thoth edits and writes. LA wakes up a little late. “Wake me up at 10,“ she says. They get dressed and put on make-up. Leave for the park. The park is all fenced in for the Corporate Challenge. The Boyd Choir is singing when LA and Thoth arrive at the Angel Tunnel. Kendra is back from her European trip. LA and Thoth wait to play in the wings. When the Boyd Choir packs up, LA and Thoth set up. Dominic stops by and says hello. Dan shows up to take pictures. “What did you buy?” he asks. “Bells, lots of bells,” LA says. “Makeup, hair clips, jewelry, lights, . . .” The Afrobats are  blasting their boom box at the top of the stairs. The Dynamic Duo have a wonderful, uninterrupted prayformance. Thoth’s sister, Harriet, arrives to see them, bringing two friends from Barbados. When LA and Thoth pack up, Dominic and Kendra set up and play. LA models for Dan while Thoth talks to Harriet. Thoth invites Dan to dinner with them. Kishan comes in the tunnel to say hello. LA, Thoth, Dan, Harriet and her two friends walk out of the park together and to an Indian restaurant on Columbus Avenue called Indigo. Two of Thoth and Harriet’s old friends, Jimmy and Ginger, are waiting for them. LA and Thoth go in the bathroom together, where LA takes off her hairpiece. They enjoy a delicious dinner then head back to the subway. At home Thoth takes a nap, and LA finishes watching The Exorcist. Thoth gets up again and works on some photoshop projects. Bibi says: “Thunder? Hold me!”