13.1.2013 “Hang Over The Rail”

Thoth writes. LA gets up and dresses. They bike to the park. A young couple approaches. “I saw you at Art Lab,” the woman says. Thoth goes to the restroom and the man talks to LA. Les shows up on his bike. “I wanted to treat you both to dinner,” Les says, handing them a $20 bill. The prayformance begins. A crowd gathers quickly. Children run up and hang over the rail watching them during “Romanza.” Both Thoth and LA interact with them. The audience laughs. During “Gypsy Dance,” Thoth sprains his left toes. The audience stays so the Dynamic Duo continues with the “Plucking Song” and the “C-Minor.” People surround them on all sides during the “Tango.” When the Dynamic Duo packs up, the audience leaves. A trio of people walk over. “Oh we missed you. We saw you at the potluck,” the woman says. “We’ll play one more for you,” LA says. They sing the “Scottish Song.” Another crowd gathers. Afterwards, LA runs to the restroom and Thoth packs up. “I see the pianist,” Thoth says. “Let’s go,” LA says. “I don’t want to talk to her. It will ruin the mood.” They bike away. Thoth is stopped by a woman who saw them on “Humans of New York.” They bike through the zoo parking lot and go home. They change clothes. Jim drives them and the kids to a Japanese market. LA and Thoth buy various condiments and fish for themselves. “Kids get whatever they want,” LA