13.2.2013 “Losing The Water”

Thoth bikes to the store for mailers, then next door for bagels, coffee, and a large container of distilled water. He ties the water to the back of the bike and heads home. The bungee hook bends and the container comes loose. It hits the ground and breaks, spilling the water. Thoth goes home and writes. “For some reason I am sad about losing the water,” Thoth tells LA when she wakes. They start dressing. Thoth makes smoothies. They bike to the park. Still chilly and breezy in the park. After “Romanza” a man on a bike cheers. “That was brilliant,” he says coming forward. “How much for a CD? You guys should be doing corporate gigs.” The Dynamic Duo plays two more pieces. After packing up, LA and Thoth head home. They stop at Sprouts. LA waits with the bikes while Thoth gets fruit then she goes in to get granola. At home, he and LA have snacks, squeeze juice, and count money. Thoth works on the EPK. LA draws. They make pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. Jim comes home and makes his own dinner. LA watches videos on Youtube while Thoth continues working on the EPK. Bibi says: “We all live in a yellow sub-blanket and sheets.”