13.4.2013 “He Nuzzles”

Thoth takes Mike to the airport. At home, he writes and works on the CD cover. LA awakes and Thoth snuggles with her. LA gets up and works on Facebook. Jamie gets up at 1pm. LA’s dad, Brendan calls. “I’ll pick you up at 2:30,” he says. Everyone gets dressed. Brendan arrives at 2:30 and hangs out with them for a bit, then he drives them to Balboa Park. “We’re going to Seaport Village, and we’ll come back and pick you up,” Brendan says. While they are setting up, a trio comes and starts playing near the fountain. I wonder if they care that they are playing pretty close to Chet,” Thoth wonders. “Wait until we start. They’ll be in for a surprise.” The Dynamic Duo starts playing. Although the weather is overcast and cool, a good sized crowd gathers. The trio soon leaves. “I’m tired,” Thoth says. “Me too.” LA says. “We used a lot of energy these last few days,” Thoth says. Thoth gathers a big crowd during his solo. LA’s sister Jamie shows up to watch LA and Thoth play the C Minor to finish. Thoth talks to Carl and his friend Hella while LA and Jamie go out to the Prado to see the birds. LA sees Rebecca and hugs her. A group of photographers start taking pictures of LA. “Can you stand over here for us?” they say. LA models for them and answers some questions, then goes to hold a white umbrella cockatoo named Mackenzie. “He’s so cuddly,” LA says as he nuzzles into her. “But you like Kirby the best,” a man observes. Rebecca comes to