13.5.2013 “Dentist”

Thoth makes coffee, then writes while watching tennis from Rome. He wakes LA and they get dressed. They take the subway to Briarwood, Queens. Walk around all the construction to the dental office. They fill out paperwork. The receptionist asks LA about her coughing. “I don’t think Inna will be able to see you today,” she says. The dental assistant x-rays Thoth’s teeth. “I am surprised that my teeth are doing well,” Thoth says after Doctor Inna tells him the x-rays look fine. “Why?” Doctor Inna says. “You brush, you floss. Why surprise?” Doctor Inna repairs some cracked fillings and is impressed that he has kept his teeth in good shape throughout his travels. LA reads magazines and hears Thoth laughing. He tells Doctor Inna all about their travels over the past three years. When finished with Thoth, Inna suggests several things for LA to do to improve her health. She gives Thoth a discount on the dental work, and schedules LA to come back next week for x-rays and a teeth cleaning. LA and Thoth take the train home. “I’m going downtown,” LA announces. Instead, she gets wrapped up on her computer, and she and Thoth spend the day resting. Thoth watches The Hobbit. “Disappointing” Thoth says to LA. “Too much stuff added that wasn’t in the book. It’s a fairy tale not an epic.” They go out to get food at the grocery store. LA gets palak paneer and Thoth, Lasagna. LA talks to her sister on Skype and shows her the apartment. Thoth watches tennis. Bibi says: “I’m the coziest in the world. Just pure squish talent.”