13.6.2013 “Go Out”

Heavy rain batters the window. Thoth writes. LA gets up at 10. She starts putting on makeup. Thoth looks at the weather radar map online. “Heavy rain all day, maybe tornados,” he says “It looks too dangerous to go out,” LA says. They decide to stay home. LA takes a shower, and they go to the grocery store. “It’s not raining at all,” LA observes as they walk home. She checks the weather. “It’s not supposed to rain until 7pm, Thoth,” LA reads. “We have to go out,” Thoth says. “We don’t have a lot of time,” LA says. Thoth gets in the shower and they hurry to get ready. Run to the subway. When they arrive at the tunnel, no other performers are there. Paul is sitting in the corner. “I was staring to think you wouldn’t come today,” Paul says. The Dynamic Duo gets ready. Good audiences gather for their pieces all afternoon. Hugh shows up. “I finally have a place in Brooklyn,” Hugh says. He invites them to have dinner with him on their weekend. Thoth’s sister, Harriet, and her friend Naomi show up just before the “Tango.” A class of students surrounds the Dynamic Duo and cheers after “Scottish Song.” “That was so pretty!” Harriet tells Thoth. LA and Thoth pack up. Joe, a photographer they met last week, shows up to talk with LA and Thoth about making a music video with them. LA gives him their CDs to listen to. “I’ll text you guys later tonight,” Joe says. LA and Thoth walk with Harriet and Naomi to 72nd Street. Naomi’s husband gives LA and Thoth a ride uptown to their apartment. “My voice is very tired,” LA tells Thoth as she unpacks. “No more talking today.” She gets on Skype with her sister and pantomimes a conversation. Thoth makes lemon tea for them, then makes dinner. LA cleans up. Thoth goes up to the loft and takes a nap. LA watches music videos and listens to their CD, “Heaven Scent.” Bibi says: “Why did you throw Elly down? Now she’s crying.”