14.1.2013 “Pulls It Apart”

Thoth bikes to a café and drinks coffee and reads. He returns home and writes. He puts the pork shoulder in the oven at 300 degrees. LA awakes around 12. “The movie starts at 1:45,” Thoth says. “We’ll have to bike down Texas Street to Fashion Valley Mall. Hard!” They get dressed and look at maps. “I don’t want to go,” LA admits. “I want to rest.” After a short talk, they choose to stay home. LA makes sandwiches for lunch. Thoth edits the blogs. LA starts watching Meet Joe Black. Thoth watches it with her. The Netflicks station stops working, so they take a break. LA dyes her roots blonde. At 7pm, Thoth removes the pork from the oven and pulls it apart with forks, then he bikes to Vons to get condiments.  LA showers. Jim comes home and fixes the Netflicks channel. Thoth comes back from the store and makes a sauce for the pulled pork. They make sandwiches then sit down to finish the movie. LA cleans dishes. Thoth gets tired and LA works on some blogs. Bibi says: “My cuddle confidence is low.”