14.12.2013 “A Party Of Peers”


“How quickly the resonance and epiphany of our music diminishes. For a short while we are enwrapped in its calming ecstatic vibrations, but then a casual slight, a bad dream, a toxic sight peels away the blanket and we begin to wonder anxiously if that beauty was real and if we will ever experience it again. Heaven says yes, but the world stands in the way.”

– Tribal Baroque

One thought on “14.12.2013 “A Party Of Peers”

  1. Bill

    You know something, F this Goddam world. I’ve seen your beauty many times; it’s REAL. This world is hard for people who actually feel and think. This world is really for the violent losers who know nothing but football and obedience. Screw them all! You are on the right path and always have been. And yes, we all have doubts sometimes; if you’re thinking, you’ll have doubts.

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