14.2.2013 “Something Bigger”

Thoth gets distilled water at Vons. He puts it in his backpack instead of on the bike. At home he works on the EPK.  “I had a dream I was at theatre school again,” LA says when she wakes. “I wanted to get through the second year. It was so exciting and I was friends with everyone. Sis was there. We all started singing together. It made me sad when I woke up because we are so alone. I wish we had a community of people working on a show together.” She researches how Cirque Du Soleil got started. “I want something bigger,” LA says. “But I don’t know how to do it.” “You go back and forth with this,” Thoth rejoins. “Sometimes you’re happy with how things are and other times you want something more.” “The guy yesterday said we should be doing corporate gigs,” LA says. “We just play on the street. We deserve more then that.” “I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for you,” Thoth says. “Maybe I just feel pressure from other people to do more,” LA says. “Some people would say we’re already very successful because we’re doing what we want to do,” Thoth says. He sets up the printer and prints out some stationery. He and LA write “thank you” notes to accompany the gifts for people who donated to them. “I want to add a drawing for everyone,” LA says. She gets out a folder with old drawings and scans one. She then prints them out to put one in each envelope. She continues scanning all her artwork then posts some on her deviantart.com page. Thoth returns to working on the EPK. Later they go out to Vons for supplies. At home they make leftover garlic pasta and finish the pulled pork sandwiches. After dinner, Thoth works on the EPK until he gets sleepy. LA continues drawing. Bibi says: “I’m a cutie when I wiggle my bootie.”