14.3.2013 “Trying To Talk Again”

Thoth puts away all the dishes and makes coffee. He watches tennis matches from Indian Wells. LA sleeps late. “Would you like pancakes?” Thoth asks her. She shakes her head up and down vigorously. “Oh, we don’t have milk,” Thoth says and bikes to Vons. LA watches a Phantom of the Opera cartoon on Youtube. Thoth gets syrup and then returns home and cooks pancakes. LA eats pancakes then watches “Phantom Reviewer” videos on Youtube. She begins trying to talk again. “Do you want some pancakes?” Thoth asks Julian. He eats it with peanut butter. “You look like a southern boy,” LA tells Julian in a southern accent. He goes out back to work on the garden. Thoth cleans the dishes. LA gets an email from her college acting teacher. LA practices the violin and improvises in different keys. She vocalizes and jumps around happily. “I can sing again!” she says. Jim comes home and LA goes into the bathroom to practice vocals. Afterwards she says: “I feel something moving in my throat when I swallow.” She and Thoth bike to Jyoti Behanga for dinner. At home, Thoth writes while LA talks with Julian and Jim. They measure each others height on the wall. LA looks up 6-string violins on the internet. “I want a 6-string violin,” LA says. “It’s like a violin, viola and cello all in one. I’ve always wanted to learn cello.” LA showers and Thoth takes a bath outside. Bibi says: “I cherish you, Daddy!”