14.4.2013 “Drizzle”

Thoth says goodbye to Jamie and Jim takes her to the airport. Thoth writes. LA wakes at 11:30. Thoth snuggles with her. “I’m not stressed,” he says. She gets up and works on her computer. “It’s 1:30!” she says looking at the clock. “Do you want a smoothie?“ She makes smoothies and breaks

the tongs when using them to push down the fruit. She pours the half-blended smoothie in a bowl and tries to pick out the plastic pieces. ”It won’t work,” Thoth says. “I hate wasting,” LA says. They get dressed and bike to the park. It drizzles as they bike. “It’s cold,” LA says. The Dynamic Duo sets up and plays a short set. Julian shows up during Thoth’s solo. “I don’t want to bike home,” LA says, packing up. “It’s raining.” Thoth quickly bikes home alone while LA pushes her bike to Julian’s car. Julian takes the wheel off and packs the bike in the back. He drives to his mother, Deena’s house to pick up Audrey. The little dogs come running out and bark at LA. Deena herds the dogs inside. Julian, LA and Audrey drive back to Jim’s house. “I was worried where you were,” Thoth says. Jim, Audrey, Julian, LA and Thoth drive to Rancho’s for dinner. LA and Thoth have rolled chicken tacos. For dessert, they go to Heaven Sent. ”Just like the title of our new CD,” Thoth says. LA, Julian and Audrey get desserts, then drive home. LA showers. “What’s wrong Thoth?” He doesn’t respond. They work on their computers. “I’m sad,” LA says. “I feel like you don’t love me. Can I have a hug?” She lies on Thoth’s lap, then goes back to her computer. “Do you think I’m having an affair with Julian?” LA says suddenly. “You sort of are,” Thoth says. “I just hug him. You’re upset about it? Let’s talk,” LA says. “It doesn’t matter,“ Thoth says. “I’m working on something.” “That’s frustrating,” LA says. “I guess if you were doing what I’m doing with a girl I would be very upset.” Later, they talk in bed till late. Bibi says: “Clearing the air before snores.”