14.6.2013 “An Arrangement”

Thoth writes. He wakes LA. They dress, do make-up, and drink smoothies. Head to the park. The Boyd Choir is performing. LA and Thoth wait in the wings. The Conservancy is cleaning the Angel Fountain. The Afrobats are performing at the top of the stairs. The Boyd Choir finishes, and LA and Thoth set up. LA and Thoth decide not to do the video with Joe. The Dynamic Duo begins the prayformance. They are very exploratory during “Romanza” and “LA’s Waltz.” Good audiences. Dominic and Kendra show up during “The Plucking Song” and wait to play. Right before the “Tango,” Dominic comes over and says: “That girl’s boyfriends are threatening us. They say they’ve been here since 2 o’clock and made an arrangement with you. Have they?” LA and Thoth sees that the opera singer is set up in the back. “No!” LA responds. “I told her not to set up on us and there she is again.” “War busking!” Dominic chants. The opera singer girl starts singing just as LA and Thoth are about to do the “Scottish Song.” Thoth turns around and sings loudly at the girl. He spins to the back of the tunnel and drowns her out. LA follows him, goes right in the girl’s face, and sings at her. The girl stops singing for a bit. LA and Thoth return to the front and finish. The opera singer starts up again. LA and Thoth quickly get their stuff out of the way and pack up in the wings. Dominic and Kendra set up and perform. “It’s raining,” LA says. LA and Thoth cheer