14.8.2013 “I Miss Him”

Thoth sketches and works on his friend, Nancee’s Website. LA sleeps in and wakes slowly. She starts putting on makeup. “I still feel bad,” she says, “but the sore throat has abated some.” They take the bus to 72nd street and walk to the Angel Tunnel. The Boyd Choir is singing. Tobi sits with LA and Thoth and chats. After the choir finishes LA and Thoth set up. Using a cane, Michael stops by to say hello. Dan R. stops by. The Dynamic Duo sings “Anya.” LA says: “I think I’ll lose my voice if I sing anymore.” Thoth plays several pieces solo. ”I feel great!” Thoth says after “Fyuin Du.” He finishes early. LA packs them up quickly. They walk to the bus. LA gets off the bus at 81st Street. “I’ll see you later,” says LA, kissing Thoth. LA gets a grilled cheese at a deli and walks to her mother’s hotel. Thoth gets off the bus at 103rd Street and walks to Whole Foods. He gets an assortment of foods for dinner, salad, roast chicken, and some wine. He takes the bus home. In her mother’s room, LA lies down. “Jamie said she’ll be home in an hour,” says her mother. She takes a shower. LA begins crying. “What’s wrong?” her mother asks. “I didn’t sing with Thoth today,” LA says. “And I haven’t seen him all weekend. I miss him.” Jamie comes home and goes back out to get tea for LA. Their mother shows LA a pink vintage dress that belonged to her grandma. LA tries it on. “I want to wear it tonight,” LA says. “I can shorten it with safety pins,” her mother says. LA stands on a chair while her mother works on the dress. Jamie comes back with