15.1.2013 “Tools”

Thoth gets up and works on Website. Jim offers him the car to borrow. Thoth bikes to Ego ID Media and picks up Jim’s car. Drives to Home Depot to get the materials to make Spirit Catchers. LA gets up and finds a note from Thoth. On the way back home Thoth stops at Vons for food. At home, LA is waiting for him. He drops things off and goes back to Ego ID Media to drop off the car. Bikes home. Thoth is unable to find the tools in the garden shed to make the Spirit Catchers. He writes while LA goes out for a walk. She dances around the streets listening to her iPod. Back home, she makes smoothies and a bagel. Later, Thoth watches the Australian Open Tennis Tournament while LA watches Frozen. She makes a turkey sandwich for a snack and yogurt with pomegranates. In the evening, Thoth eats the uni he got on Sunday, and LA makes a pulled pork sandwich. Thoth settles himself on the couch and watches tennis while LA sits at the table watching the film, It. Jim’s kids come home, and Jim cooks dinner for them. They eat at the table next to LA. “I’m frustrated,” Thoth complains after a nap. “I’m not doing anything in the evening. I’m too drowsy to focus.” LA has another snack. Bibi says: “I seem to be no comfort for his unsettling dreams.”