15.2.2013 “Galactic Friends”

Thoth bikes to the post office to mail packages to fans who gave donations. LA gets up and begins working on a new drawing. Thoth gets back home. “Can we go to Michael’s today?” LA asks. They bike over to Ego ID Media to borrow Jim’s car.  Thoth drives LA to Michael’s. LA gets hair clips, ribbon, flowers, wire and feathers. They drive over to Target. LA gets two bras and Thoth gets stockings and some cute socks. They drive back to Ego ID, return the car, and bike home. In the bathroom, LA ties feathers onto the ribbons and puts them in her hair. Thoth gets in the bathtub and LA shaves his head with a clipper. They get dressed and LA assembles some CDs. “I’ve never seen you wear so much make-up,” LA tells Thoth.  They bike to Art Lab. The Hausmann quartet has already started playing the Debussy quartet. “Three more tickets and we’re sold out,” Jim whispers to LA. Thoth goes up front to watch. When he comes back, LA goes up front. “I don’t know how much longer they’re gonna play, so you probably need to get back there,” Jim suggests. During intermission, LA and Thoth wait out back while people get refreshments. LA and Thoth say goodbye to the the members of the Hausmann quartet. “We wish we could stay,” Isaac says, “but we have to pack for our trip to Tapei on Sunday.” Jim gets everyone back to their seats and introduces Tribal Baroque: “You know the meteorite that landed. It was no meteorite it was their galactic friends coming to see them.” LA and Thoth hold back their laughter. Jeff turns on the Gorecki Symphony and the Dynamic Duo slowly walks  up to the stage to begin. During Romanza, the stage breaks in half.