15.3.2013 “Higher”

“I am not doing well,” Thoth tells LA when she wakes. “I’m stressed out.” LA practices violin in the bathroom. She and Thoth have a light lunch around 3:30. They get dressed for the show at 6. “This thing in my throat is driving me crazy,” LA says. She ties some pink fabric to her headdress. She and Thoth bike to Art Lab. Thoth has forgotten the bike lock, so they put the bikes in Ego ID Media. They go into the dressing room in Art Lab and get ready. A bit after 8pm, Jim peeks in. “There’s about 20 people,” he says. “More will come.” He introduces the Dynamic Duo around 8:20 and plays the Gorecki while LA and Thoth walk onstage. The stage is much higher and both LA and Thoth have trouble getting up on it. LA’s voice is strong. “I had laryngitis all week!” LA says to the audience. “This is my first time singing again.” “Great job!” someone in the audience calls. The audience claps for a long time after every piece. They take a break after “Plucking Song,” then Thoth goes on for a solo. When they finish with “Wet Tango,” people clap and clap. “Encore!” they shout. LA doesn’t want to, but she and Thoth sing “Scottish Song.” They sit on the stage and talk to people and sell CDs. Mel comes over and hugs them. “I’m taking a bunch of flyers for Sunday,” Mel says. LA and Thoth pack up and bike home. They make dinner. Jim comes home and they all talk. Thoth watches tennis. LA showers. Bibi says: “We’re going home.”