15.4.2013 “Empty”

Thoth writes and edits. When LA wakes, he snuggles with her. “I got an email from Nick,” Thoth says. “Bloomberg is again trying to make it illegal to busk in NYC parks.” “Don’t worry!” LA says. “It’s a waste of energy.” “Do you want to have sushi today?” he asks. “Yeah sushi!” LA says. Jim comes home and has lunch. “Can we use your car?” LA asks. “Sure,” Jim says. Jim drives them back to Art Lab. LA and Thoth borrow the car and drive to Harney Sushi in Old Town. “It’s nice to go on an outing,” LA says. The restaurant is empty. “Perfect time to come here,” Thoth says. LA has the nigiri lunch special and Thoth, the sashimi lunch special. After eating, they drive to Rite Aid to pick up toiletries then to Art Lab. “You have a package,” Jim says handing it to LA. “Yay, my wig came!” LA says. LA and Thoth walk home. LA opens the package and tries on the new pink wig. “Isn’t it pretty?” LA asks. She and Thoth work on computers and talk. Thoth watches tennis from Monte Carlo. He makes garlic spaghetti for dinner. Thoth, Jim and LA eat together. LA cleans up and they go back to their computers. LA showers then writes.  Bibi says: “More relaxing less taxing.”