15.5.2013 “Stop The Birds From Singing”

LA and Thoth dress and take the train to 72nd street. They walk to the Angel Tunnel. Film equipment is in the wings of the tunnel. Thoth says hello to Paul. LA and Thoth set up and the film crew moves their equipment out of the tunnel and beside the angel. The Dynamic Duo performs “Anya,” and a member of the film crew named Zach comes over and asks LA and Thoth to stop. “It’s the high notes,” Zach says. “We can hear them while filming.” Thoth says: “We are constantly being stopped by people like you. Just because you have a permit to film not to stop us. Would you stop the birds from singing?” Thoth says. “We’re very well known for performing in this space. Why not include us instead of exclude us?” LA chimes in. Zach is very understanding. “I know you guys and I feel really really bad for asking you to stop,” he says, then adds: “We can offer you some money.” Dominic stops by and listens to the exchange. He suggests they move to the back of the tunnel. LA and Thoth move all their things, and Zach returns with money. “Let me see,” LA demands. Thoth hands her the bill. “Yay!” she cheers. The Dynamic Duo sets up again and plays “Romanza” while Dominic sits and listens. Zach returns and says: “You guys are incredible! But it’s still too loud.” LA and Thoth hand the space over to Dominic and pack up. “Your voice sounds amazing,” Dominic tells LA. While LA uses the bathroom, Thoth calls Sarah K. to say they are