15.6.2013 “Footage”

Thoth makes coffee and works on an animation. LA gets up and puts on make-up in rainbow colors. Robert gives LA and Thoth video camera glasses that they can use to film “backstory” for music videos. Thoth gets dressed and he and LA leave for the park. The Boyd Choir is singing “Georgia” when LA ad Thoth arrive at the tunnel. Blackwolf comes into the tunnel and sits with LA and Thoth. The Afrobats try to play at the bottom of the stairs, but are stopped by the police. They walk through the tunnel to leave, but come back later. They don’t play their boom box loudly. “They seem more frightened to me,” LA says. The Dynamic Duo begin the prayformance. Dominic and Kendra show up during the “Plucking Song” to wait for the spot. The Dynamic Duo perform the “Scottish Song.” Dominic and Kendra begin performing. On the way out, LA and Thoth say hello to Kishan and walk past the dance skate on their way home. They say hello to some of their friends at the dance skate, then walk to the exit on 69th Street and sit on their favorite little bench to rest. Take the train home, get groceries, make dinner. Robert talks with them about monetizing their Youtube channel and making videos. Thoth sees that Robert has loaned them a quad core mac computer and installed it on the loft entertainment system. He has also tidied up all their wires. “This is like a video studio now,” Thoth says. He downloads footage onto the computer. Robert is