15.7.2013 “Smart Phones”

Thoth shoots video and practices editing. LA wakes and checks weather. Thoth gets all the laundry together.  “It’s supposed to feel like a hundred today,“ LA says. “I think I’ll stay in.” “If I do the laundry all by myself, then I get a treat,” Thoth says. Thoth goes to the unkempt laundromat close by. While the clothes are washing, he eats a turkey wrap and finishes A Beginner’s Guide To Constructing the Universe. He observes two friends sitting at the same table completely occupied with their smart phones. “Do they communicate through text messages?“ Thoth muses. He goes back to the laundromat to fold the clothes. He brings them home. LA goes to the grocery store for dinner fixings. She makes a snack. Thoth makes dinner: baked chicken for him and salmon for LA. They watch Jurassic Park and Se7en. Bibi says: “Left on the shelf to suffer. Board rump’s a serious matter for fluffies.”