16.1.2013 “Pianist”

Thoth goes to the café to read and sit in the sun. He returns home to write. He and LA get dressed and bike to the park. “I wore too many clothes,” LA says. After “Anya,” the pianist says: “Sorry to be an asshole, but could you guys move. You’re drowning me out.” “We try to be as respectful to others as possible but it is not our fault we are powerful,” he says. “How long do you play for?” LA asks. “5 hours,” the pianist says. “We only play one,” LA says then adds: “You have a permit, which gives you the right to play. But it does not give you the right to stop others from playing.” “What if you played on the other side,” the pianist says. “I think it would help.” “I’m going to go over there right now and show you,” Thoth says. He explains to her why the spot isn’t good then asks: “Are you telling me where to play?” “No,” the pianist says. “Maybe if I know how long you play for.” “We only play an hour or an hour and a half,” LA says. The woman leaves and LA and Thoth continue playing. An audience member comes up to LA. “That was rude,” she says. “It was a total buzz kill. A bunch of people came over from the Botanical Gardens and everyone left.” LA and Thoth pack up, still feeling upset that the pianist stopped them. On the way home, they stop at Sally’s Beauty Supply but LA doesn’t have her visa card. AT home LA makes a pulled pork sandwich with bacon. “It tastes even better with the bacon!” LA says. Thoth watches tennis while LA works. Bibi says: “Another screamer.”