16.2.2013 “Heat Stroke”

Hot day. Thoth makes coffee, drinks some ginseng, and does nasal cleanse. He watches tennis while working on the EPK. “It’s 12,” Thoth says as LA stirs from sleep. She rushes to dress. They hop on their bikes and head to the park. Biking is tedious and tiring in the heat. The park is full of people, many are lounging on the grass. The Dynamic Duo sets up quickly. The wind blows her ribbons and feathers into her face and violin strings while she is playing, so she has to take them off. Huge audiences gather, but few buy CDs or come forward to tip them. “Disappointing!” LA says. “You still had fun?” Thoth asks. “Yes,” LA responds. “But we used just as much energy as we did last night and got nothing back. It’s hurtful.” While they pack up, Katie show up with a beach chair. “We’re finished.” LA tells her. Katie hands them a Valentine’s card and a heart shaped box of candy. Cara and some of her friends come over to say hello. LA and Thoth get on their bikes and ride home. Both exhausted, LA collapses on the bed and Thoth sits on the couch. They order pizza. LA has a terrible headache. Thoth gives her some aspirin. “You may have a touch of heat stroke,” he says. The pizza arrives and LA’s headache eventually goes away. “These wings taste dangerous,” Thoth says. “The oldness is disguised by the sauce.” LA talks to her sister and listens to music while Thoth takes a nap. Thoth gets up and works on the EPK. Bibi says: “If thy arm offends thy sleep, pluck it out.”