16.3.2013 “Rusty”

Thoth begins a tutorial on writing a screenplay. LA gets up early. She surfs the net while Thoth writes. She makes smoothies then gets dressed. Thoth showers. LA paints a white heart on her forehead. She and Thoth bike to the park. “We’re rusty,” Thoth says. “Two weeks since we road bikes here.” The courtyard is set up for a huge reception. The Dynamic Duo performs “Anya” and a huge crowd gathers. A woman says: “We saw you last week and had to come back.” During the “Tango,” several kids from the youth orchestra come over and watch.  While packing up, Thoth says: “During our prayformance, I realized something.” “What?” LA asks. “I’ll tell you when we get home and have more focused time,” he says. “No, tell me now,” she says. “You’ll forget later.” Thoth says: “Sometimes when you start experimenting with stuff, you let go of the ensemble and leave me hanging. You stop looking for endings. You stop looking for me. I feel neglected. I think you have been scared about your throat. Fear causes us to be more selfish.” “Thank you for telling me,” LA says. “I’m sorry! I am scared.” They bike home and stop at Sprouts. Thoth gets a roasted chicken and LA gets some pasts and salmon. At home, Thoth makes baked potatoes and begins watching the semifinal tennis match from Indian Wells. LA makes orange salmon pasta with Thoth watching over her. “Reduce the orange onion mixture until it is thick,” he says. LA eats her pasta then watches videos on Youtube while Thoth continues watching tennis. Bibi says: “Fear brings me more hugs, which doesn’t mean I hope for fear, but . . .”